Gut Health

What is Roemheld syndrome?

red hot bag for calming upset stomach

Roemheld syndrome also known as gastric-cardia, is a complex of gastrocardiac symptoms where the gastrointestinal tract or abdomen trigger cardiac symptoms like palpitations, skipped or extra beats, shortness of breath, sweating and nausea. The Roemheld syndrome is a problem that comes from the complex relationship between the gut and the nervous system, and the nervous…

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Ginger health benefits for your body and stomach

Ginger hot tea cup with ginger slices inside

Ginger is typically a tropical plant and its yellow root with a zesty and peppery flavor, is what you are most likely familiar with. Ginger has been defined a superfood meaning that is rich in healthy compounds that can boost the general health of your body; as a matter of fact, ginger is packed with…

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The Benefits of Kale

We’ve all heard that kale is so good for us, but it often gets a bad reputation for not tasting very well. I love kale, but I don’t ever try to eat it raw without adding something to it first. If you are eating it raw in a salad, I recommend massaging the kale with…

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How to Love a Picky Eater

Picky Eater

On Valentine’s Day of 2006, a guy that I liked took me out on our first date. We dressed up nicely, he bought me chocolates, and we drove fifteen minutes from Monmouth College, where we were attending school, to McGuillicuddy’s in Galesburg, Illinois. I remember laughing to myself when the waitress came to our table,…

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Inflammation, Gut and Endometriosis


When one suffers from endometriosis this is when the tissue makes up the uterine lining (the lining of the womb) is present on other organs inside your body. Endometriosis is usually found in the lower abdomen, or pelvis, but can appear anywhere in the body. Women with endometriosis often have lower abdominal pain, pain with periods, or…

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Three Benefits of Mindful Chewing

Mindful Eating

How many of you work through lunch? Are you a multi-tasker who eats on the go? Do you tend to eat fast? How’s your digestive health? Did you know chewing your food has many health benefits?   That’s right. Chewing your food will improve your health, but not just chewing a handful of times and…

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3 Tips to Stay on Track for Healthy Eating


How’s the New Year’s Resolution going for you? Are you still on track to meet your goals? Do you feel like you are starting to drift from your plans for a better future? I have three tips today that will get you back on the right path and keep you there!   Baby Steps If…

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5 Tips to Change It Up for Better Gut Health

Gut Health Tips

Do you feel like you eat the same foods all the time? Do you get bored making the same foods for yourself or your family? Are you ready to change it up? I have worked with many people, especially those who try to eat healthy, who seem to stick to the same foods day in…

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Healthy Holiday Snacks

Healthy Holiday Snacks

Processed foods are foods that have been altered from their original state. This does not mean that all processed foods are bad. Nuts, fruits and vegetables that are cut, seasoned and packaged for convenience are not necessarily dangerous for your health. Nevertheless, I believe that food in its most natural state is best, not only…

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Natural Remedies for Your Sick Child

Sick Child

“Sometimes the best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while.” –unknown   I used to only treat the symptom of my health issues, instead of looking at the cause. When my child got sick, then I would be more concerned about her health. Once she felt better, I wasn’t worried…

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